Migrating to Cloud VPS Hosting. What to do with email?

I’ve started looking moving the sites I’m hosting on a Hostgator reseller account to a Digital Ocean cloud VPS. I’ve already moved over my personal sites to a the base $5 VPS. The lone issue is what to do with the one client I have who uses their domain’s email thru Hostgator (as well as future clients). I set up all of my other clients (including myself) with Google Apps email for their domains prior to Google no longer offering a free version.

I’ve never set up or maintained mail servers before, so I’m not excited about the prospect of doing that now, as critical as email is for most businesses. I wish there were cloud hosting services that could spin up a small VPS just for email after entering a domain name and making a few DNS updates. Maybe there are and I just haven’t found them yet.

I could just maintain a Hostgator account that only handles email for multiple domains, but seems a bit klugy.

  • http://www.amitywebsolutions.co.uk/ Laurence

    I have this exact same dilemma (as do a lot of others most likely). I’ve moved to VPS’s (I’m with Linode) and initially stated we will have no email on them, we’ll use GMail. Less resources, less space (everyone uses IMAP these days, due to smart phones and tables – which is causing this issue). Then they started charging. So I have sadly started adding email accounts onto my VPSs as I don’t know where else to put them at low cost. Google Apps is costly for small businesses wanting several emails.

    I am tempted to look into our own VPS with Amazon using S3 storage, so keep costs down with a lot of space.

    Another idea is you can still use GMail but standalone accounts and not Google Apps. You can send from the persons email account so as not to show the @gmail.com address. It just takes a little bit more time to setup, and I do have a slight issue imposing Gmail onto my customers. One of them is annoyed because he travels a lot and they keep blocking his access. So we can’t then provide the level of support they expect as it’s Gmail.

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