“Essential” Sublime Text 3 Plugins

Everyone likes to publish their favorite or “essential” Sublime Text plugins, so I’m joining the party.

These are all Sublime Text 3-compatible plugins. I have a number of other plugins installed, but these are the only ones that I would immediately miss if I did a fresh install of ST3 (along with the Ubuntu Mono font).

  1. Alignment
    Makes your code like pretty and more readable by lining up selections based on “=” “=>”, etc. Great for arrays.
  2. GitGutter
    Unobtrusive display of uncommitted changes in the gutter (next to line numbers).
  3. Trailing Spaces
    Highlights and trims unused whitespace at the end of lines.
  4. SideBarEnhancements
    Gives you way more options for dealing with files in the sidebar. I just wish I could figure out how to delete a file with shift+delete.
  5. SublimeLinter
    Highlights errors in your code as you type.
  6. Laravel Blade Highlighter
    Provides color-coding for Laravel’s blade templates.

I’ve really wanted to like other editors, and there appears to be a big push toward PHPStorm in the Laravel community right now, but ST3 is just too fast, too pretty, and too customizable for me to change.

2014-02-22 at 11.22 AM

  • James Gordon

    Out of curiosity, what do you use for debugging? The one thing that keeps me on EclipsePHP (well, Zend Studio actually…) is the ability to step through code, view the contents of variables, set breakpoints, etc, for both web-based and command line code, right in the IDE.

    • http://thereluctantdeveloper.com/ Gary Taylor

      I just use a combination of SublimeLinter for PHP syntax and since I’m using Laravel, putting dd($var) (just does a dump and die) where needed. I guess I just don’t miss that functionality you are referring to because I’ve never used it. I only use xdebug in dev to spit out prettier arrays when testing. I also now use Clockwork (https://github.com/itsgoingd/clockwork), which is very cool.

      • http://yetanotherprogrammingblog.com James Gordon

        Clockwork looks very cool! Up until now I have done all of my development with Firefox, but Clockwork could definitely be the thing that makes me convert to Chrome. Thanks for the tip.

  • http://dumbdiamonds.com DumbDiamonds

    Pretty cool, dad.