Monthly Archives: March 2014

Laravel Application Logs and Logrotate

Depending on usage, errors, and what you’ve chosen to log, the Laravel application log(s) can really grow after a while.  With Laravel 3 and initially with Laravel 4, new log files were created every day by default, which kept them small and easy to search, but now Laravel 4 defaults to a single log file (which I prefer).

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Alfred Workflow for cleaning up my OS X desktop

So I created a little Alfred workflow for neatly arranging my desktop icons by filename without having to set the “Sort By – Name” setting in Finder.
Why, you say? Sometimes I  like to put an icon on another display or somewhere so I can drag it into an icon or window later, but I also like to clean things up from time to time.

This is my first “workflow” (super easy) and my first foray into Applescript (strange).

Available on Github