Goodbye Wordpress, Hello "Brewski"

MAY 8, 2014

Since most of my work is "in-house" and won't ever reside on Github, and because needed to project that I would start using right away, and because Wordpress can be a PITA to work with at times, I decided to build my own Laravel-based blogging system.

It's still very rough, un-stable, and written by a hack (me), but it's now powering this site. Having a personal project that I'm using right away, and with the code exposed on Github, is a nice motivator to keep working on it - so after many false starts, I think I've finally found a personal project that will keep me interested for a while.

Current Features:

  • Laravel-based
  • Themeable
  • Basic Disqus integration
  • Basic Social Media integration (in-progress)
  • Responsive Admin (bootstrap)
  • Markdown-based editor
  • Page caching
  • Basic Search
  • Categories & Tags


  • Pages
  • Unit Tests
  • Lots of code cleanup/refactoring


PHP  Laravel 
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