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PowerPC, Ubuntu, Java, and Minecraft. It can work.

This post isn’t related to what this blog is supposed to be about, but apparently there are a number of people with old PowerPC Macs like myself who want to get some use out of them by running things like Minecraft servers. My two kids are addicted to playing and they love idea of having their own server.

When the old PowerMac G5 was still running Leopard, we were able to run a server without any issues except that it’s not particularly fast, and it was difficult to find a Java JRE that was current enough for Minecraft that would work on the G5, but we(I) did.

Now that the G5 is running Ubuntu Server 12.04, Java JRE/JDK packages are plentiful, but Minecraft doesn’t like them (openJDK, for instance). I’m here to say that the fix is to install the IBM PPC java packages instead. Huge difference in performance.

Eventually, it looks like PowerPC support will be removed from Minecraft altogether regardless of the java situation, but for now, the old G5 has life.